Saturday, March 17, 2012

fancy pants photoshop elements 10

So this photo was bugging me (see previous post). Her skin tone looks cool/grayish. (that's what happens when you frequent too many photography blogs, you start realizing how bad your own stuff looks) I have this fancy pants editing software called Photoshop Elements 10 - i am sure you have heard of it. Most professional photographers go with the full version of Photoshop which is about $600. Well this pastor's wife is not spending $600 for a program that I will never fully utilize. In fact the majority of professional photographers barely scratch the surface of what Photoshop cs5 can do. After reading a lot of reviews and especially Damien's stuff I decided there was really no need for all that stuff anyway. Damien happened to be a member of a photography group that I joined on Facebook so that's how I 'met' him and he proved to me that it was a waste of money and that Elements does nearly all the same things that Photoshop does and when coupled with raw images and Adobe Camera Raw, there is really no need for the full version. Made me happy :) Here is the image as i originally posted it.
Here is the edited version. Now granted, i am just learning Elements but this is what i came up with. Her skin looks more normal and the background looks more green. Also notice her right shoulder (camera left) is very light pink from the bright sunshine in the above photo.. I recovered the pink back to very nearly the normal color. This edit took less than 3 minutes but i messed around a long time trying different things with Photoshop. Definitely an amazing program and worth the $80. I also sharpened the image slightly so it looks a little crisper.
My laptop is not calibrated so my colors could be off, but it definitely looks better to me. Do you have any experience with elements or photoshop? Agree or disagree with my assessment? Go ahead and leave me your comments :)


Carrie said...

I've used both (have Elements 5 and had Photoshop CS3). I'm with you. All I care about is fixing the blunders I make because of my ignorance, so the full edition of Photoshop is just way too much program for me. I love Elements and you can download a lot of free actions from Pioneer Woman as well as MCP Actions.

That being said, everyone I know who has Photoshop loves it--it's just too much for me.

Regi said...

Yes, you are right Carrie. I have used quite a lot to learn. She also has tons of free actions including a skin retouching one. Right now i am just trying to use elements and learn all the quirks before i 'cheat' and use an action. I have to admit some of those actions are awesome though and so quick to use. Thanks for your input!

Heidi said...

I have no experiential input but I DO like what you did with the photo. Looks great!