Monday, March 12, 2012

Lots of pictures :) part #2

All the "lavy" girls (pictures are out of order since blogger is so silly so i will try to explain as i go) This is after Dani's shower from our family. That silhouette on the wall behind us is Aunt Connie Hilligoss :)

Beaitufil candles - this candelabra was used at my wedding over 5 years ago :) still beautiful
Bride to be Dani - listening to Aunt Connie give the devotional on how to have a Happily Ever After marriage.
Rylee being goofy
Not to be outdone, all the Lavy guys wanted their picture taken. Jay didn't get to come.
Mom and Dani
Judy holding Jayden while he chews on his sock...blech!

Beth and Jeremiah!
Aunt Connie the wedding coordinator and bride to be, Dani
Dad playing bocce ball in the living room, the night before the shower
beautiful centerpieces

Recipe box for all the ladies to place their own recipes inside for Dani
Jayden and Aunt Ally


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Rylee on my lap with her tongue sticking out !!! LOL
Aunt Dani