Saturday, April 07, 2012

New-to-me lens

I received a new-to-me lens today. At this point I am not sure how far I am going to pursue this photography, but I am loving what I am learning. However, instead of buying new (and thus expensive) glass for my cameras, I am looking for quality lenses that are used and at good prices. I follow several lenses on ebay and watch for how much certain lens are going for, both new and used. Lenses surprisingly hold their value quite well which bodes well for me down the road should I choose to upgrade to more heavy duty and faster lenses. But at this point I keep watch for sellers with 100% positive feedback first and then second for a good deal. I got this lens for less than half of the new retail. I have taken several test shots with it and by several, I mean a couple hundred (yeah, i got it today!) Here are a few of my favorite. This lens is called a macro lens meaning it is capable of focusing on something extremely close. 
These flowers are less than an inch wide from petal to petal.

 As if that isn't impressive enough, I blew up this same photo to 100% magnification and cropped around the center flower. Check out all the fuzz on those petals. Love how this lens captures these minute details!!!
 My neighbor wasn't home but he has some beautiful tulips so I went over and 'borrowed' a photograph. 
 This last picture is sure to get a reaction. I told Jay about a fun memory I have of lying on the brown sculptured 70's carpet in our small home in Pleasant Hill, Ohio when I was a small gal. I have my coloring book and crayons and I am listening to Odyssey on the radio. This seemed to be something I did often and I LOVE to color. The next day Jay came home with a coloring book and 120 Crayola crayons just for me. I am a bad mommy and haven't shared a single crayon with Rylee. I just don't want them getting messed up or chewed on. Weird I know. Anyway, here is proof that I have already used them :) 


Janella Thompson said...

I love new crayons too!!! Have fun with your mommy/kid gift. I love your new lens. Very cool!

Heidi said...

Awesome Pics! Love your crayon story and picture. Got myself some new crayons and a coloring book when I bought some for my nieces this Easter. Have already used them. Great de-stress therapy!