Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Early Rain

Well, someone hinted that I hadn't updated my blog in a while and they were tired of hitting the link and getting the same ole un-updated blog. This is my attempt to fix that problem.

Why is it that being a bride-to-be means you get picked on so much? I must say I do look rather ridiculous but the laughs from friends and family was enough to allow me to endure the embarrassment for a season. That one sock was pretty warm but who wants to be warm in August? Don't ask what is on my head!!

So many things still to be done but I am enjoying these last few days as much as possible. Our new apartment is taking some shape or at least you can find the rooms behind all the boxes now.

We sat down for a Sunday dinner with my sister in the new apartment. How I forgot that we had no silverware is beyond me. I did find three forks and three spoons which was exactly what we needed. Sometimes you take those things for granted because they've always been there. Oops!

Well it is raining here in Kentucky shortly before 7 a.m. I was hoping for some wonderful sunshine because I will be running the office alone and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming jumping around answering phones, listening for radio traffic, counting money and just doing my general jail chores.

Well, Aaron, I hope you haven't gotten too bored. Feel free to comment. Why did I say that? I know you and Jason don't need an invitation to talk.

Speaking of talking......Here I am hugging the family "secretary." If you don't know what is happening with the family on a particular weekend, call this lady. She has a way of finding out everything. Of course, it wouldn't have anything whatsoever to do with how much she talks! But we still love her !


Dad said...

Oh, boy, now Judy will think she is special, being featured on the world-wide web. What IS that on your head?

Lyndie said...

that was a pretty creative game. what an unusual piece of headgear. we were all giddy with anticipation to see what you would do, blind as you were, with that particular item of "clothing?". the whole get up was quite dashing. you are a good sport. i'd like to play that with other future brides, but i doubt they could handle it with as much grace and humor as you managed. KUDOS!

Judy said...

I have no idea what to say. I'm speechless. Oh, my goodness! I found my pantsuit for your wedding. I need shoes yet. I may have to wear my tennies. Jerry said I can wear his cowboy boots.

Regi said...

Somehow I don't think speechless is the right word! GRIN!

Aaron said...

Hey, I got mentioned! I'm a celebrity!

I just like to read your blog to see that you actually have things to say--meaning that you don't say much when you're around the Bakers. Let me know when you get back from the honeymoon, the remedial talking courses will commence then. After reading the blog I think you have potential we just need to get the words out of the computer and into the voice box.

Jason said...

An invitation to talk?!!!! Please give me one!!!! GRIN!

Regi said...

Aaron - you have to agree that the Bakers talk much more than the average family so relatively speaking, of course I don't talk much. To ya'll, talking, or yapping as Jason calls it, means spewing forth words of knowledge at the speed of light. Whereas I prefer the turtle speed and of course, when you compare the two, it means I am doing good to get a sentence out as compared to your chapter of words. GRIN!

lyndie~ I was pretty embarrassed. Wilma had given me a "heads up" but I wasn't sure what I was going to do either. Good thing I couldn't see Grandma watching.

J-honey~ If ever you need an invitation to talk, then you must be asleep, then again, you probably talk in your sleep!

Judy - cowboy boots are fine as long as you can walk without tripping.

poke said...

I have to see the Head gear as mentioned above was quite funny!!! You have handled many a embarassing moment with grace and humor!!! You have done wonderful
Luv ya girl!!!

Regi said...

how come "wonderful" felt so awkward? GRIN