Saturday, January 06, 2007


Well, my mom is home now and resting, comfortably I hope. It looks like she will be off work for some time to come. Part of her lung hasn't re-inflated and probably never will so she will have to get used to that.
Last night, Jay and I joined a group of friends at the Don Pablos on the river in Newport and celebrated a friend's birthday. Rather interesting group.
The sad part was a couple tables over were two people, one a man and the other an "it." It really amazes me how people present themselves anymore. There were several of us trying to figure out if "it" was a male or female. As I was trying to figure it out, a thought hit me - No matter how sinful we think someone is, God loves him/her! Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that especially when the person is so much different than myself. Makes you wonder what kind of family life that person had. God help us to love others as You love them.
Please continue to pray for my Momma. She is doing better but has a long road to walk. She is going to kill me when she finds out I put this on here. Oops!


Dad said...

She is now known as the pillow lady. I had to go down our road begging pillows from neighbors. We now have 55 pillows on our bed to make Mom comfortable. She is making slow progress, with still a lot of pain. Well, maybe not exactly 55.

Jason said...

55! Uhhh, let me guess! That may have something to do with MW!!!! Saw a special on him last night! Should be seeing you this weekend!

~d said...

glad to hear the positive news!