Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wacko Weekend

You would have thought my parents were considering starting a small business - a florist shop. There were so many flowers in there it could have been the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati!! Well, maybe not quite but good grief. Then, of course, there were several dozen cards lying everywhere in the living room and lining the picture window sill. Wow, I think my mom feels loved.
It was a quick weekend, but fun nonetheless. I left work on Friday at 3:45, drove up to Miamisburg (or some place like that) and waited in the parkling lot of a Cingular store. Jay works for a company called Shred-it and that was his last stop of the day. I was picking him up there and heading for mom and dad's house.
While sitting in the car for about an hour waiting for Jay to arrive, I had time to ponder many things. I am not a person who likes to have the radio blaring while I am driving...that is, unless, it is a very sunny day, about 80 degrees - at that point, the windows go down, and the country music comes blaring out of my windows! GRIN!
While pondering the various happenings of the day, I was stunned to watch an old lady, who could barely see over the steering wheel mind you, drive up and park. However, either she was blind or completely disregarding certain parking rules, because she drove up and parked OVER the line between two parking spaces, blatantly taking up both of them. She was actually parked crooked over that dividing line which made it even more apparent that she should be driving. As she attempted to stand up out of her car, she took a couple tries before she actually was standing up. She slowly stumbled up to the Cingular store, slightly hunched over. Lord help us!
In the meantime, Jay's huge Shred-it truck pulls up and parks behind her blocking her in until they can grab the shredding material from the store and push it in their truck. Jay finished his job and jumped in the passenger seat of our trusty Grand Prix, Jake. The Shred-it truck pulls away and here is this little old lady determined to get out of her two parking spaces before another truck blocks her in. She slowly, ever so slowly, pulls out of her spot, the nearest vehicle a good 30 feet away but nonetheless she creeps out of her spot. A few seconds later, she applies the brake and puts it into drive...or at least I thought she did. However, when she took her foot off the brake, she was still going backwards. It took a couple seconds to realize this and again she braked, spent a couple seconds and began backing up again. She fiddled with the gears again, flashed her lights a person trying to go around her since she was in the middle of the road in the parkling lot, and began backing up even more.
All this time, I am wondering what in tarnation is she doing behind a wheel!! This time she is mad. She throws up her hands and then starts fiddling with the gear shift again. It appears she can't figure out how to get into drive. Cars were swerving around her and I thought she was getting scared. Jay was about to hop out of the car and go help her, when she actually started going forward, at about 1/2 mile an hour. At which point, I pull out behind her to see what happens next. The parking lot is jammed on this Friday night and she slowly makes her way through the traffic.
What I want to know is how in the world does she still have her driver's license?? Beside the obvious difficulty in knowing how to put the car into drive, I could barely see her above the wheel. Anybody else see a problem here? Thirdly, what in the world was she doing in a cell phone store? Do you really think she could operate a cell phone if she can't drive? YIKES! This thought of course led to another thought, surely she wouldn't try to drive her car AND talk on her cell phone??? AGGGGHHH!


Brenda said...

That story about the old lady is FUNNY - but scary too! :-) I hope I don't do that when I'm that old!

Amy said...

Boy! I sure hope she doesn't drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time. I'm sure she couldn't figure out how to do it anyway. :)

skier1998 said...

Hey Regi,
This is Tara. I stumbled across your blog while "blog-hopping." Good story by the way - very funny. Anyway - I was wondering if you (or your sister) would be interested in going to Women of Faith in Columbus, Ohio - April 27 & 28. Rachael & I are going and we are trying to get a "group" together. It is a lot of fun. Just let me know.

Dad said...

Sounds like Judy in about 15 years....uh 10 years...uhhh, sounds like Judy

Anonymous said...

the older i get the more i feel sorry for older people who really shouldn't be driving but don't want to give up the freedom to come and go when they want. who wants to be dependent on someone else for all your travel? and yet, i hope i'll know when it's time to throw in the keys.....before i hurt someone!