Friday, January 19, 2007


As I sat alone on this chilly Friday evening, I began to wonder about my current status as a married woman. How is it that once a person becomes married it seems relationships with single friends seem to falter? I totally understand the whole "they are newly weds" and the "I can't really relate to them anymore since they are married" type of statements.
But friends are still friends, right? I was thinking that one of my friends got married a couple years ago and I do remember leaving her alone for some time after she was married but it wasn't too much time, and we were over at each others houses talking, joking. She even came over and went swimming with me.
So I guess I am suffering from MWS (married woman syndrome). That's not to say that I didn't notice how things changed even when we were engaged, but I guess it just stands out more now that I am married. This is by no means a bash on my friends and I hope you don't take it that way. I think you newer married ladies would agree with me, but perhaps not?
I think I also feel in limbo because Jason and I have no real friends around here that are married. The only other couple we have been out with is my cousin and her husband but with them living in Indy it is hard to find time to do things together. Of course, there is always the usual schedule conflict with anyone we might want to hang out with. At this point, I think we are just kinda hanging out with each other. This isn't a bad thing by any means and I treasure our time together after so many months of long distance dating. But you can only stare at someone so long before you go cross eyed! Just kidding.
The funny thing is, I am loner. I love being alone, reading, writing, quilting or just thinking. (I know...weird!) Outside of family, in the last three and a half months we have received two invitations from other couples. The first one something came up and we couldn't go. The other was a New Year's eve party with another newly married couple, their parents and some friends which we were able to attend. Again, I am not complaining or slighting my friends, it is just different.
Speaking of different, how weird was it to stay a night at my parents house (or his for that matter) after we were married! LOL That was a pretty weird feeling. Good ole Dad said he would make sure the couch was ready for me and that the spare bedroom was ready for Jason, just like the good ole dating days. That was good for a laugh, but Jay wasn't having any of it.
Sigh...a new chapter in life - a rather interesting and romantic one to be sure.
And if you look really close, you can see Jay in the reflection of my sunglasses. How professional! GRIN!


good ole Dad said...

The couch and spare room are open any time.

Jason said...

Cross eyed?!!!! Is that what my face does to you?!!!! Love ya, Hubby!

poke said...

Yeah MWS is not something i enjoyed about getting married. But you find as time goes on it doesn't bother you as much and you go on and survive. Sometimes you have to make the moves and just butt your way back in.

lyndie said...

i remember feeling that way too, esp b/c david and i were so young when we got married. but we've finally caught up - or everyone else is catching up with us! *grin* we should go out sometime. it'd be fun to get to know the new YOU *two*. hang in there- it can only get more fun!

Amy said...

Hey! You could have gone skiing with me that night. :) I would love for you to go sometime. Actually anytime you want to do anything please let me know. I miss our times together (our very crazy times together).

Regi said...

Skiing?! And break every bone in my body. Yeah right!!! I can barely roller blade on solid ground. What makes you think I can ski on something slippery, uneven and very steep??

I believe you must have blonde roots in there some where if you think I could even stand up on those two skinny rails!

skier1998 said...

Yeah - Regi definitely should go skiing sometime, Amy. We will gang up and make her try it. It's a great sport!!

Kristina Wall said...

I remember those days!! They get better. Tim and I would love to get together with you guys we don't live too far apart. I was excited to find your blog and see who married life was treating you. I have same cell # so give me a call and we'll set something up!