Friday, June 08, 2007

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting...You get the idea

Tonight while Jay spent time with Aaron, his brother, and Brent, my brother, I got to stay home and spend some time alone. I finished appliqueing the flowers onto the yellow and blue quilt top. I was about to baste the layers together when I realized I didn't have any backing. Oops!

So I decided to start cutting out blocks for the black and white (and possibly a hint of red) quilt that I am doing next. Here is a pic of all the blocks I cut out. There are about 170 4x4 squares...Ugh! I have decided to start keeping track of how many hours I spend on these quilts. I think it's a lot. The big flag one I just finished was around 200 hours or so. Too bad I wasn't getting paid by the hour, huh?


Dad said...

You gave up the chance to see the mighty Reds to do quilting?! Actually, mowing the lawn would probably be more exciting than seeing the lowly Reds. Or, just watching the grass grow. Or, playing Frisbee with Dudley. Or, planning the trip to Myrtle Beach. Or,....

Tim and Kristina said...

Can you say Carpal Tunnel =)
You are right, wouldn't it be great to get paid by the hour for all those great hobbies we spend so much time on. Can't wait to see your quilt!