Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another quilt complete....and Softball!

Tonight was the first game of the championship for our church softball league. Below are some of the pictures. We have lost every game so far until we played the number 1 team tonight and we actually won 11-5.

My lil sis Ally was at the game.

I am ready for that ball...just hit it to me!

My other sis Dani

Our team was quite excited that we actually won a game. Unfortunately Jay is missing from this picture since he isn't here this week. He is in Roxbury PA at a youth camp.
Well I finished the black and white quilt tonight. Seems like that one took forever.


~d said...

b-e-a-u-tiful quilt! can i buy it?

if i had the time, i'd be inspired to make my own black and white!

Laura said...

I love the circular stitching in the white pieces. Good job!

Regi said...

Thanks gals! I really like it too. I am working on cutting out pieces for the next one right now. I have a small one that still needs quilted but I would like to get another put together.

dorcas said...

Wow! What a beautiful quilt. I love it. Do you sell your quilts?

Regi said...

Actually I haven't sold any yet. My very first one that I did in highschool was entered in the local county fair and someone offered me some money for it, but wisely, my mom told me I couldn't sell it. It still hangs in her living room. I did think about putting one on ebay just to see what happened. It is just so hard to let them go when it takes so much time to do one.