Sunday, July 22, 2007

Redneck Weekend

Dudley showing off his "professional" frisbee moves.

Me showing off my not so professional shooting skills.
You will notice the dead center bullet hole has a small "J" beside it. That would be Jay's best shot!
The results of the Marlin .22 Shooting competition.
They may have beat me on the shooting range, but I controlled the go-kart track.

Regi proudly accepting the "trophy" for the Minute Maid 150. In other words, 5 drivers 10 laps a piece. (It's kinda close.) My 10 laps were the quickest! After a wonderful supper including burgers, brats, sweet corn on the cob, cantaloupe etc, we (Dad, Mom, Jay, Charlie and me) stuffed ourselves into the family Jeep and headed to the Redneck Race of the Year at Shadybowl Speedway. The feature race was the so-called Trailer Race. To enter, your race vehicle must be pulling a trailer. As you can see below the array of competitors was diverse. I picked this pink station wagon (driven by a girl) to win. She didn't.

There were a couple "normal" races before the featured Trailer Race. My favorite races are usually with these Modified racing cars.
A wreck between turns one and two. This Bonneville and camper were one of the first contestants on the race track.(Same Bonneville as below I believe)
This Suburban pulls a trailer with a Jet ski. You may notice the carnage of the racetrack in the background as the contestants try to rid each other of their trailer. The winner is the last one that can go around the track and still has a trailer. Most folks lose their tires, some lost their drive shafts, others lose their entire wheel as you can see below. The driver finally got out and checked the front wheel and realized he didn't have one and had buried himself into the infield grass.

A particular racer that caused us to laugh......(yes, it's a toilet)

Jay had picked this driver to win, but his drive shaft fell out right in front of us and he couldn't go anymore.

This racer had chained his trailer to the back end of his Jeep. This was no ordinary chain. It looked like a chain a cruise ship would use to haul up its anchor. The links were 4-6 inches in length. He was one of the few still running at the end of the race.

These two trucks crashed in front of us and were going at it. We were yelling for the driver in the white truck to get out. His truck was on fire underneath and he didn't know it. The safety crew was on the scene putting it out almost before he could get out of the truck.

And last, but certainly not least, was this young punk in the Pontiac Bonneville. He had been disqualified because he had lost his trailer. We were watching him exit the race track in front of us and we realized he wasn't leaving. He gunned the motor and crashed straight through this camper shell ON PURPOSE! He emerged from the back driver side door and the crowd went wild. What people will do for applause!??



Dad said...

HaHa, what great pictures. It was quite the weekend. You have to be there to get the whole idea.

lyndie said...

these pics bring back reminders that we have not attended a car event in more than a year... *sigh* how time races by... *pun intended ;)*
looks like fun!