Sunday, August 26, 2007

Daily Devotions

Sommer (my cousin's wife) actually got me thinking about this subject. Sommer and Jon just got married a few weeks ago and her blog said something about how they are doing their devotions together.
It got me to thinking how important they are. Jay started reading a devotion to me on the phone every night while we were dating. This started back in August 2005 and I am happy to say that we are still doing them every night. We both have our personal devotions in the morning before we go to work, but just before we fall asleep at night, we read a devotional and pray together. This is definitely helped to strengthen our marriage and the questions at the bottom of the devotional get us thinking about ways to improve our own marriage.
I am thankful that God gave me a man who is interested in my spiritual welfare and who strives hard to keep us consistent with God's Word and His will. I pray for my own sisters that they will find men who will help them grow spiritually and keep them accountable.
Thursday will be our 11 month anniversary. Time certainly does fly when you are having fun. We are planning another honeymoon the end of September....and like the original honeymoon, I don't know our final destination. I do have a guess....I think it is somewhere out West!!!


Randel Family said...

IF you come to colorado look us up .I might even have some cinnamon rolls for you. Jodi

Dad said...

Don't be rushing those What would you say if I said I knew where you were going?

Liz said...

Come see us! I too, am really thankful for a spiritual leader for a husband - that's a blessing!!!

Jason said...

Out west?!!!!

Jason said...

Out west?!!!!