Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cute Stars

I added these cute stars around the picture. You can't really see it but there are tiny stars on vines around the words in the picture. I think it looks cute. The pip berry is a good idea. I used some of that in our wedding. I will have to see if mom knows where it is. I also bought these cute candle holders at Hobby Lobby for half price. It's kinda hard to find wooden and iron together. I found the picture in Gatlinburg. You can't really see in this photo but there is actually barb wire around the frame. (Oh and I got the candles for half off at Hobby Lobby)


Monte & Amy said...

looks very nice, I love the black candle holders.

Liz said...

What a great picture! You'll never be sorry you bought these now before the kiddos come along! :>) Somehow diapers take precedence over wedding pictures . . . :>) I just love that shot! I might have to get Darrell to help me re-enact ours just for the shot! ;>)
Take care!

Regi said...

Liz, I think you would be happy that you did the re-enactment. It's fun getting all dressed back up and reliving the memories. That picture was taken a couple weeks after we actually got married. I wanted outdoor pictures so we set another date with our photographer and did outdoor photos. I am so glad we did!

Anonymous said...

Hi Reggi
I don't think you know me, I ran across your blog from Jenny's (1 leads to another and another) anyway I noticed your picture, Always Kiss Me Goodnight. I have the same pic. above our bed. then in your next blog you had the stars around it. You guessed right I have those around mine, but I have only 2. I will have to post a pic.