Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 3 - Williams, AZ to Grand Canyon, AZ

This morning we arrived at the Grand Canyon Railway at approximately 9:15 a.m. We boarded the train after witnessing a “wild west shootout.” The train runs from Williams, AZ to the rim of the Grand Canyon. The 65 mile trip takes over 2 hours as the speed limit for the train is 40 mph. It was a nice ride with lots of scenery. Singing cowboys walked through the train cars and sing old western and country songs.

We decided to be true tourists and boarded a bus as soon as we got off the train. Our bus fare included a hot buffet which was actually pretty good. We reboarded our bus and headed down some roads that cars are restricted from driving. We did see some really pretty sights. One of which was a “peninsula” type view point, where we were surrounded by the Canyon on three sides.

Let me interrupt here and say that I have no idea why parents bring small kids on this trip. For one thing it is pretty expensive and two, some are so small they won’t even remember it. And lastly, but certainly, the most thought provoking, many of the places along the rim of the Canyon where you would take pictures do not have rails or guards. If I had children with me, I would be so paranoid that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the view. I am paranoid enough with Jason as he likes to get near the edge. Part of the time, I know he is doing it just to make me freak out, but he does like to get better views too.

Of course, I bought this book called "Over the Edge: Death in the Grand Canyon." The majority of deaths come from people getting too close to the edge and falling over. We also learned that the air space over the Canyon is restricted because a few decades ago, two planes smashed head on into each other over the Canyon while they were showing their passengers the view.

We arrived back in plenty of time to board our train. There is only one train and if you miss it, you are out of luck. There are only 5-6 lodges on the rim and on a Saturday night they would be booked. A taxi could be called but it would probably cost around $150 to get back to Williams, so we watched our time.

On our way back to Williams, our train was robbed by the same cowboys in the wild west shootout. The horses came running up to the train which of course stopped. The train was boarded by the thieves and folks gave up their pocket change to the robbers.

My hubby did a wonderful job planning our getaway. I never have to worry about not getting to the place on time, or getting lost on the way there. Love you, babe!


Dad said...

The picture of you right above Jason with his arms outstretched looks VERY much like your mom. I wonder if other people who view this will agree.

aunt connie said...

Yes, Lowell, I agree. I did a double take when I saw it because I really never tho't of Regina as looking like her Mother, but she sure does in this picture. I've enjoyed watching your vacation. What a wonderful, breathtaking time you must be having!!