Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fill a Pew Sunday

Practicing for the morning worship service. This is the first church that I know of where they practice for the morning worship service. I think our praise team does a good job of trying to make the worship service flow smoothly. We had over 130 for our service this morning which is really good for our small church.
Dani joined us this morning. This picture was taken in the tent where we had our pitch-in dinner.
Can you tell I am tired? Just after our dinner, we headed to the sanctuary to hear a short concert. It's a good thing it was mostly upbeat otherwise I would have been sound asleep.
Brent (and Holley) joined us for the morning worship service. Our drummer recently left for Kansas so we have been without one for a while. He graciously filled in for our special service this morning and did a great job.


Dad said...

He looks like Dennis Murphy.