Sunday, September 23, 2007

I was Tagged

Well, apparently I was tagged by two people so I need to fulfill my duties. Here are 7 things about me.
1. I am married to a wonderful man who tries very hard to make my dreams come true.
2. I attend Mt. Carmel New Hope Community church where our goal is "changing lives one heart at a time."
3. I work at the Campbell County Jail in administration.
4. I love quilting, horses, reading, writing and scrapbooking.
5. I had a tooth pulled out by my twin cousins, a string and a door knob!
6. I have two sisters and one brother.
7. I am an Nascar fan and I like Carl Edwards (#99) because of his good attitude and sportsmanlike conduct.


Monte & Amy said...

lol Now Regnia do you really think #5 was something that needed to be said in this?
Are you really sure that happened? It might have been a dream!!! Beth and I really think it sounds more like a dream than real life.
love amy

Beth Dickinson said...

NOW NOW NOW Regnia.... About #5 I just don't think anyone would really do that do you? lol

We Still LOVE you. You know that RIGHT?


Dad said...

And then you swallowed the tooth?! That was a little silly.

Monte & Amy said...

lol you are not suppose to tell that part. ;)