Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun Together

Katrin has fun on the 'jumpy'.

Hay rides for everyone.

Jason tries to knock down the "Jericho Wall" with some bean bags.

Belinda shows them how it is done.

Kids on the ponies.

The Duck Shooting Gallery is below. Little rubber duckies in gutters filled with the water. The two contestants are given water guns and they have to "shoot" their ducky to the other end of the gutter.
The "Say Cheese" booth was done by the New Hope Teen group. You could get your picture taken by sticking your head into the cut outs.
This was the welcome booth where everyone signed in.
The pictures above were from today. Last night was geared more towards adults. We had approximately 10-12 cornhole games going at once, and 3 point shootout contests. We gave away tons of food including yummy frappucinos, popcorn balls, walking tacos, funnel cakes (which were a big hit), nachos and cheese and more. People really seemed to enjoy themselves.
Tomorrow is "Fill A Pew" Sunday with a pitch in dinner following. It has been quite a busy weekend for us, but it is enjoyable to work together as a church in an outreach like this.


meluvzmb said...

Looks like tons of fun, I know my girl loved all the fattening funnel cakes, love the idea of the walking taco salad thingy.... by the way you need to sign up Belinda, she looks like a pro! Glad it turned out awesome, great ministry idea!

Kim V.

Liz said...

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Dad said...

Wow, that sounds impressive. Very nice.

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