Monday, September 03, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

After a particularly trying week at work, I was able to leave on Friday at about 1 p.m. much to my delight. I hurried home where I didn't feel like packing so I put a few things in the suitcase and then cleaned up the kitchen. Put a few more things in the suitcase and then did some laundry. Sat down and quilted a few stitches, put some more stuff in the suitcase. In other words, I wasn't really that excited about leaving for the weekend. When Jay arrived I picked up the pace and we packed Jake up and headed for Indianapolis. There we met Jay's parents and transferred our stuff to their car and climbed in the back seat for the haul to St. Louis. We stopped along the way and paid for their supper as it was there 42nd wedding anniversary. We arrived in St. Charles at about 11:30 p.m. My hair was a wreck and I wasn't exactly awake when we pulled into the driveway of Uncle Ray and Aunt Bev. They kindly shooed us up to some comfy beds. We awoke to some yummy smells of breakfast.
Then I got a wonderful surprise. Jay told me that Uncle Ray was entering his 71 Oldsmobile in a car show and that we might be able to ride along. In case you didn't know it, I love old classic cars and hot rods. So I was quite excited to know we got to ride along.

Uncle Ray getting ready for the ride.

We were just getting ready to leave and Aunt Bev snapped a shot.

Let's just say that I didn't know I was going for this ride so I was not adequately prepared "hairwise" for the trip.

I thought this car was just too kewl. Plymouth Fury

The oldest car at the show. 1909 Ford T-bucket with propane headlights and an extra peddle on the floor for the reverse gear. And yes it still runs just fine: we watched them drive it.

I absolutely loved this car!!! 1969 Mach 1 Mustang. You can't really see in this picture, but it is metallic silver and with two black stripes. I loved it and voted for it as #1 in the muscle car group.

This really cool blue Nova was nice too.

Jay by a 1971 black and white convertible.

Jay's dad. Check out the headlights!

I found this other 1969 Mach 1 after I had already voted for the other one. This one was definitely sharp but I still liked the other one better.

Uncle Ray and Aunt Bev with Jay's mom in the background by our ride.

On our way back to Indiana, we stopped by "Newtown, MO." It is a small subdivision that they have literally made into a small town. It has it's own shops and town hall. It is made to look like an old town. All the houses have porch steps that go right down to the side walk. The houses are obviously more modern but they are all close together and it reminds you of an old town.

Me and Jay were quite tired by the time we arrived at my cousin's house Sunday night. We were acting quite wacky.

Today we actually went canoeing and kayaking but since I was too scared to bring my digital camera, Jay bought me a little disposable one and I put it in a baggie. So all my pictures from that are on that camera. I will try to get them printed and scanned soon. I have never been kayaking before so it was definitely an adventure.


Dad said...

Grandpa L. will like to see those pictures of old cars when he comes to our house next weekend.

Aunt Connie said...

Hi Reg,
I always love to read about your life. Thanks for supporting during a very difficult 3 weeks. Love you.

Aunt Connie