Monday, October 29, 2007

The Raw Materials

Well, Anna, I thought my next quilt was pinks and white, but I believe I have changed my mind (what a surprise!). Since it is fall, I was thinking more golds, oranges and browns so that is what I have chosen but I don't really have a pattern in mind. I have tons of pink scraps now so I am ready to go on that whenever.

But before I can start on either one of those, I must put this flannel "quilt" together for my hubby. This material is quite hard to find down here and when I did, I paid a fortune! Yippee for me though, the cottons were a dollar off per yard. Woohoo!


Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...

Okay... I have to do this... Boooooo Colts... Sorry!

Regi said...

To each his own! Do I know you?

~~anna~~ said...

Love your fall fabric colors! so, cozy and warm looking.
The pinks are pretty, can't beat fall colors for warmth and general appeal...