Monday, October 15, 2007

Welcome Trent

This is Trent the treadmill. He is quite a healthy machine. I spent a few hours putting him together and then tested him out. If the amount of sweat is any indication, then I believe he works perfectly.

Notice the giant Green Button for GO and the Large Red Button for Stop. I think these work well for blondes like me.

This little string attached to a red magnet is my emergency stop. If I pull this lovely little device, the machine rapidly and safely returns to a stopped position. Yes it works and no it wasn't an emergency.

This nifty little sensor measure my heart rate (supposedly). I am not entirely conviced of its accuracy.

I am sure many other interesting, bordering on hilarious, stories are sure to be forthcoming in regards to our treadmill. Unfortunately I remember the hours of PE class with ~d wherein, I performed aerobics as if they were fun. I think I would die now if required to do such exercise. Sigh, to be young and in shape again. At least I can go for the latter state of fitness.


~~anna~~ said...

Looks like fun! NOT!
I chuckled (sorry) over your comment about "Oh to be young again!" hhhmmmmm, if you're NOT young, what does that make me?
(55 this November 13th) On second thought, maybe I don't want the answer to that question...
Enjoy yourself!