Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why do YOU go to church?

Sometimes I wonder how many of us really think about this question. In fact, I would say most people don't think about it.

Do you go because...
  • It was the way my parents raised me
  • I've always gone
  • I don't want people to think bad of me
  • It's the Christian thing to do
  • The Bible tells us to
  • I need to grow spiritually
  • I need to worship the King

I was thinking about this today and I wonder if for the most part we go because that is what we do on Sundays. How many of us go because we are EXCITED about going to church? Do you get up on Sunday and you can't wait to get to church? Or do you get up and go because you know you "need" to go to church? Obviously, there are going to be days where you don't feel like going, but for the most part, are we really enthusiastic about our worship of the King? Unfortunately, I don't think so. Lord, help us to be excited and enthusiastic in our worship and praise to You.


The Going Blog said...

Having the Lord's presence in the services, an enthusiastic Pastor, great friends are all reasons why our family is excited to go to church. We feel a connection there with our people but more importantly God has blessed us with his presence. Why wouldn't you be excited to go? :) I have been on the other side too where it was a real drag so I'm thankful for what we have now.

Regi said...

I should clarify - I have found that in the last several weeks I have been ready, to go to church on Sunday morning. It hasn't always been that way. I appreciate your comment!

Dad said...

Reverend Regi...A very good sermon, actually.

Nancy said...

Regi...I have to say I feel like you. Lately I've been very excited to go to church! We, as a family, look forward to Sunday services. Like you, it wasn't always this way. I'm thankful it is now! :)What a great post.