Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Treat

I couldn't hate talk shows more than I already do. HOWEVER, I will watch and listen to Glenn Beck's shows. He is probably the most sarcastic talk show host I've ever listened to/watched and yet he also seems to make a lot of sense. Jay has been talking about getting his new book when it came out. So when Jay found out he was going to be in Indianapolis and that we were very close to the Barnes and Noble where he was signing books we had to stop by and see him. When I first saw him the first thing I thought was "Man, he is taller than I thought!" Of course, Jay had to tell him that I thought he was shorter and he looked right at me said "You thought I was just that little man on TV, huh?" A really nice guy and his book is rather funny. Definitely would make a good present for a Dad or brother etc. If you don't know his background, you might be surprised to know just a few years ago he was a serious drunk. He got his life turned around and he gives a lot of credit to his Christian faith. His book is a "response" to Al Gore's movie an "Inconvenient Truth."

"You just thought I was the little man on TV, huh?"


Jason said...

What a guy he is! Are you a sick twisted freak?!!!

LJL said...

He is a pretty cool talk show host. Haven't seen him for a while, but I like him.

~~anna~~ said...

What a fun experience for you! and, of course, you just happened to have your camera :}