Saturday, November 03, 2007

Weekend for Birthdays

Okay, so it might look a little "disturbing" in this picture, but this stuffed Rainbow Trout was very yummy and not too fishy tasting. It was stuffed with crabmeat. Jason and I took Brent and Holley out for Brent's birthday. We took them to Mike Fink's and surprised them. They had never been there.

Brent and Holley chose a chocolate spoon cake for their dessert.

Holley and Brent (Cute couple!)Yesterday evening was their 2 year anniversary of dating. Wow!

Today Jason, Dani and I met Dad, Mom and Ally at the Golden Corral in Dayton. Of all the places, Dad wanted to eat, he chose Golden Corral. What a goofy guy! But he does LOVE their banana pudding.


Dad said...

You will have to excuse Regi. It was, of course, Golden Cow where we ate. And, my favorite dessert there is Blanna Pudding. One of the main reasons that Jason is my son-in-law is that when we went to visit him in Pennsylvania before they were married, he had fixed Blanna Pudding for me. It was almost as good as the Golden Cow's!

Jason said...

Oh yeah! I did fix that! Come on down sometime and I will do it again! Maybe I can "obtain" Golden Cow's secret recipe!!! Happy BDAY! You are a great father-in-law!

Liz said...

Regi, Okay, okay I'll let you have my stuffed trout . . . *sigh* :>)

Ummm . . . just happened to notice that you were planning to make a pink and white quilt soon . . .

I'm sorry - just an "old" married friend watching for signs of the next BIG step . . . :>)

Saw you and Jason from a distance at YC, but never made it close enough to say "hi!" I felt like I had my eyes to the ground looking for my children most of the time . . . :>)

Have a good one!

Regi said...

Hey Liz! Nope, no kids in the near future. We are enjoying our married time before we become parents. Once a mom, always a mom, so I want to spend more time just as Jay and Regi, not mom and dad. Don't sorry though, Dad is filling in for you in that department. He has a "grand dog." You would think that was enough, huh?

~~anna~~ said...

The stuffed fish may taste good, but that dessert looks delicious!
Please check out my blog if you have time.....
Have you started your new quilt?