Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Don't ask 'cause I don't know.

BJ and a new t-shirt.

Ally and the tote that I got her.

Dani (I hardly have any pics of her so here is a good one!) and her tote.

Dad enjoying the new Glenn Beck book that I got him. It's even autographed.

Mom's village atop of her fireplace.

The Lavy Christmas tree.

Jay's birthday is the 25th and mine is the 28th. Mom made this icecream cake for us.

Dad sporting some of Christmas gifts. The santa pants and hat and his new OSU shirt.

This HUGE bag was for me from my brother! I dug and dug and finally found a dinky little card at the bottom - a gift card to Joanns! Now why did he need that huge bag??? I love Joann's so it is a great gift.

Dad still reading his Glenn Beck book.

Jay LOVED this gift.

Me holding little Maverick at the Baker Christmas gathering. Isn't he a doll?

Jay found 100 gold dollars in the bottom of this treasure chest.
Aaron had to work for his $100. They were one dollar bills stuck in a box of peanuts. I helped him find them.
My $100 was much easier to find. It was in a bag and they were in a little book. My mother-in-law took them to Kinkos and had them make a little book. Such a neat idea.
The Baker tree and fireplace.
My mother-in-law wearing a Colts blanket!! What is this world coming to?


LJL said...

I want to know why everyone thought it was so terrible that I wore my Santa PJ's to take Grandma and Grandpa home to the Brethren Retirement Center. Some of the old folks thought I was Santa and Dudley was my reindeer.

Jason said...

Sweet! I think it is neat that you wore them! Great job!

Brenda said...

I love those personalized totes. Where did you find them? Looks like you had a great time at both Christmases!

Regi said...

Thirtyone Gifts . It is a Christian organization run by a few women I believe. I thought they were adorable. I got my mom one also, but hers was black and white floral with her name in a raspberry color. I thought it was pretty.