Saturday, December 22, 2007

Collingsworth Christmas

Aunt Kim explaining how awesome Gordon Mote's new CD is.

The cake I got for my mama, who has lost quite a few pounds in the last year. Doesn't she look great?

The 10 1/2 foot tall Christmas tree in Kim's living room. She figures it has about 2,600 red and white lights.

Two blonde mono babes - Courtney has been battling the same virus.

Ally and Court.

Me and Jay - it's the only photo I have and my eyes look terrible.


LJL said...

I haven't been on my Subway diet. Goin' to Uncle Phil's didn't help. You looked a little whupped, Regi. See you guys on Christmas Eve. Get well, soon. I can whip your momma now that she is littler. Finally, I'm the Boss again!