Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lavy Basketball

As is the tradition, every winter and early spring the Lavys get together for basketball games. In a weird twist, all three of us Lavys from Cincy were able to drive up, so we had quite the crowd with normals and the 3 of us (and our friends) that drove up from down here.

Dad showing us how to play D.

Mom you should be proud of me, I'm showing off my smile that you paid a lot of money for :o)


LJL said...

What a bunch of cuties and Brent!

~d said...

you guys are such a fun family!

aunt connie said...

Mama and her daughters -- what a lovely sight. (AND son in the background!)

Regi said...

Lol we are a very goofy family!

Paul and Candy said...

Nothing better than Lavy Basketball and black eyes...

I need some Lavy help in Salisbury N.C

For the 1st time in about 10 yrs a team traveled from Thomasville and beat the Newton crew in Salisbury. I definately miss playing with Lavy's where at least you win 50%