Monday, May 26, 2008

592 photos later!

Okay...yah ready for a crash course in DC history and pictures? Most of these pics are in order according to how I saw them this weekend. Hope you enjoy!
Not being used to the ornate buildings, I found them very beautiful.

I thought this building was beautiful.

The Capitol Building.

United States Navy Memorial.

The House Where Lincoln Died.

Soon after we landed we were shuttled to the Hertz Rental office, where I discovered I don't like Hertz. With about 20 people in line, they decided two CSRs was enough. Finally they added a third person behind the counter. After waiting about 45 minutes, we got our Malibu and headed to meet Jay's cousin, Christina (who incidentally works for the US Senate.) We met up at this cute little restaurant. She brought her friend, Cassie (sp?) along. Incidentally, they were headed out to Mexico the next morning for vacation.

Christina and I

Jay and Cassie (sp?)

Jefferson Memorial


Perhaps my favorite place we visited -- The Washington National Cathedral. So beautiful I can hardly describe it. I love castles and anything with a similar architechtural design. We wanted to go there for the early service but we went to see a few memorials first in hopes of avoiding the large crowds soon to be gathering. Our service was in the crypt. I have taken communion several times in my life, but never with actual wine. I've decided to stick with the Protestant style "wine."

I took off my shoes and walked in the green grass to take these pics.

Inside the main sanctuary.


LJL said...

Wow, Great pix!

aunt connie said...

What an awesome trip!! I'd love to go sometime.

Alanna said...

So that's where you guys were! I love D.C.! I've been twice: once in Jr. High for a week, and then one day on Band Tour two years ago. I'd love to go back! Your pictures were great!