Tuesday, May 13, 2008


See, this proves it. I must be a hard person to buy gifts for because it seems everyone turns to Bath and Body Works as the magical answer. They just don't know that everyone else seems to have the same problem buying for me. Seriously, folks, it isn't hard. Anything to do with quilting or Joann Fabrics. These are just the bottles, sprays, lotions and shower gels that I could easily find. Who knows how many more I have stashed away out of sight?
Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE Bath and Body Works and I never thought I could have too many scents? What do you think? So far this is my collection: Sweet pea, Cherry Blossom, Cotton Blossom, Moonlight Path, Night Blooming Jasmine, Sea Island Cotton, White Cherry Blossom, Honeysuckle, Black Raspberry Vanilla, and more!


Michelle said...

Oh my word - how funny!

My name is Michelle Hight Krick. I know Jason from a while back but I don't think I've ever met you. I am good friends with MaryLee. Tell Jason Rodney and Michelle Krick said hello.

I also LOVE your quilts! You've got talent. Makes me wish I could sew!

~~anna~~ said...

That's funny. I would have thought that with all the quilts you make it would be obvious where to shop for you!
Maybe those who buy you gifts are afraid of quilt and fabric stores; or leery of choosing fabric for you.
Drop hints at the next family gathering--"JoAnn's sells gift cards in any $$$ amount!" Okay, so it's not subtle, but it might just work! ha!
In the meantime, you will smell delightful while quilting!

Nichole said...

I think this is a common problem, I've got my own little store! :)

Anonymous said...

you don't have any of my favorites or i'd offer to take a few off your hands.... :)

Brenda said...

Wow! This is quite a collection. You definitely should always smell good. :-)