Saturday, May 10, 2008

Splash and Dash's remaining 5%

From what I understand, most folks didn't notice that the last post said 95% complete regarding the quilt. I didn't want to post again until I could show you the last 5% of the Splash and Dash quilt. Wink! You'll see why below.

In the center of each star, I quilted a name that we have called her over the years.

This particular name is something Dad calls her. I don't remember when he first started calling her that. Such a weird name, Murdock.

Dani got her a couple things, including these brilliant green shoes.
Mom has been working on her room. Here are a couple pics.

The other exciting thing I got to do this weekend, was meet David and Lyndie's new little gal, Yosi. Such a sweet little thing. Lyn is positively glowing and I am so happy for them. I got to give away another quilt. Two in one weekend, must be some kind of record!

Yosi doesn't seem as impressed as her mom at the quilt :o)

David is working on getting all the packaging "stuff" off the toy phone. Notice the huge ball of yarn. Apparently, this is more than just a conversation piece as a blanket has been made from this ball of yarn and look how large it still is!

How cute!

Thanks Dave and Lyn for letting us drop in on a Saturday morning. It was great seeing you guys. (Feel free to highjack these pics if you want to.)


Anonymous said...

lucky mom! lucky Yosi! both quilts are beautiful, and quilting the names of your mom was a brilliant touch.

oh, i wish i had the time....!!!

LJL said...

Mom loved the quilt, and now I see why it was 95% complete. And, what a cute Nilsen family!

~~anna~~ said...

Well you know my favorite part of this posting! and yes, I will be *highjacking* your pix!
That ball of yarn has been great fun to crochet afghans from. you can never run out of the 'right' color!