Friday, June 27, 2008

Gatlinburg Getaway

I have been to Gatlinburg many times. Things were a little different this time around. My family headed down to Tennessee last weekend. Since Jay and I are headed to Hawaii this fall, we are saving our money for that trip. We decided to join my family on Thursday evening. We met up at Dixie Stampede on Thursday night. As usual, the food was delicious. Then we headed out to where they were staying at a resort off of Walden's Creek Road. The resort has a putt-putt course, 9-hole golf course, a pool, and badminton court.

Guess who is along for his first family vacation?
Dani showing them all how to play.

The next morning we all met up at Pancake Pantry (downtown Gatlinburg) at about 8 a.m. Yummy!
(I think Dani is still wishing she was in her bed.)
My delicious, chocolate chip pancakes.
Quite delicious as you can see. I ordered some peanut butter syrup and it was perfect for topping my pancakes.

Checking out the golf course at the resort.
Explaining the game and holes.

Jay won the one shot game. It was about a 60 yard shot and whomever ended up the closest to the hole won the prize. I didn't say it was a big prize :o)

BJ showing us how to properly swing.

Jay swinging away.

Dad testing his swing.

The golf course left quite a bit to be desired but it was fun nonetheless. There was a creekbed running the length of the side of the course. It wasn't unusual for us to be "chipping" up and out of the creek bed. Can you say amateur? I think this was the first time that they had ever really "played" golf.
Yes, I know, it looks like I am going to just putt the ball. I tried to hit it really hard, but it was reminiscent of my highschool PE class. I believe the farthest I ever hit the ball was like 9 yards. I can play volleyball, but that dinky white dimpled ball sitting on the ground is way too hard for me to hit.

The guys went for a treacherous ATV ride in the mountains. Some of the trails they took were the same ones mom and I rode our horses on. One big difference. The horse has a brain and he doesn't want to fall down anymore than you (the rider) does. ATV's don't have brains, they just go where you tell them. Dad said it was pretty challenging and there were several places that were not easy to maneuver. Their guide gave them good instructions about which gears to be in and when to gas the machine so they wouldn't start sliding backwards down the steep trails.

The trail ride was great. There were some very steep trails, but we had good horses and they just plodded along. The views were pretty awesome. I tried to get Bailey's head in this picture to show that I am truly sitting on top of him when I took this picture and the pictures following The mountains were quite gorgeous. Of course the great thing about this particular horse stables was the trails were unguided. This definitely appealed to us since we have horses at home and definitely know how to ride. We have been trail riding many times and it was nice to go without a guide.

There was a neat little Garden Cafe and shop that we stopped at the on the way back from our horseback ride/atv ride. We bought some delicious Cranberry Orange salsa, Red Raspberry jam and Peanut Butter syrup at this little store. I know Cranberry Orange sounds really disgusting, but I tried it and it was wonderful, definitely more sweet than anything else. Dani and Mary eating at the cafe.

Jamie and his wad of Big Chew. (bubble gum)

Me atop of my palomino trail horse.

Jay and I in front of the Garden Cafe.

Dad and Mom - the pair that started our family vacations. This year I believe is our largest group on our family vacation. Dad, Mom, me, Jay, Dani, Brent, Ally, Jamie H, Mary W and last, but not least, Dudley Waltrip (the dog.) It definitely makes for some fun times. I didn't take pictures of the Great Putt-Putt Championship, where Ally showed us all how to play with 3 holes in one and a game only 2 over par in which the Grand Prize ended up being $10. :o) Thanks Mom and Dad for a great time with the family.


Alanna said...

Hey where did you get your shirts? I have one just like it! :-) I love the Great Smoky Mountains!

Janella Thompson said...

Awsome trip Regi, looks like you had fun. We are going to Wisconsion (SP???) In Sept....and I am looking forward to it. Just need abreak really bad

LJL said...

Love the pictures and the story. You did a great job of describing the activities.