Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Evening cookout

Dani texted me this afternoon and invited Jay and me over to her house for a cookout. Yes, it was a Kentucky cookout. As you can see, this food is being served from the tailgate of a truck.

True Kentucky grill out

My two sisters, Ally and Dani holding up their warm s'mores

Dani and her roomie, Mary, who is essentially part of our family

She just wouldn't smile...sigh...lil sisters can be so annoying :o)

I somehow managed to chop off Brent's head, but he is over there eating, then Dani, Ally, Holley (Brent's girlfriend) and Mary all testing out the small grill

I think Dani's s'more was pretty hot

Amy and Kyle just chillin'


Janella Thompson said...

the S'mores look does the fun with friends. Thanks for a awsome weekend. Even though I missed my hubby...I had alot of fun with ya'll

Dani said...

mmm...s'mores..send me some s'more pics ;)

LJL said...

Grillin' and chillin'.

Lavy Country said...

I love it! Hey, as long as there are S'mores who cares where the
grill is sittin'!
Chevy - right? What am I saying? Look who's drivin' a Ford now!

~~anna~~ said...

oooh! s'mores! they look so yummy!

scottandkris said...

looks like way to much fun...! the quilts you made are awesome, but I think I told you that already, girl!

~~anna~~ said...

Regi, you *disappeared8 again! What are you up to these days? Or, are you melting away in the heat up there?