Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations, Dad! You are the grand prize winner of the "Father's Day Riddle Contest." You and one of your children will be attending this weekend's Nascar Nationwide race at Kentucky Speedway. All expenses paid!!!!!

We Love You!

To those of you who haven't been privy to what occurred today. Let me fill you in. As you know, it is nearly Father's Day and we wanted to surprise our Dad with something. He is always making up silly riddles and poems for us to try to figure out so we turned the tables. It was actually Dani's idea. She purchased two tickets and then decided she would make him work for his Father's Day gift. I called him this morning at about 8:30 with the following message (I changed my voice as much as I could and even pronounced his last name incorrectly!)

Yes, sir, please do not hang up. This is an important message. You have been selected as the Grand Prize Winner. However, to claim your prize you must solve a riddle. Hints will be arriving via your cell phone, email and various other ways. If you believe you have solved the riddle at any given time, feel free to email your solution to your 4 kids.

Then I hung up. A few minutes later, his youngest daughter, gave him the first hint: "A." Then throughout the day, all 5 of us kids gave him hints via phone calls and email. The letters and words we gave him spelled: Sparta, Kentucky. This is the address of the Kentucky Speedway. The great part is, I think it was a total surprise. The last step of the contest/riddle was to come and visit this blog. So most likely he will be the first person to view this blog as I am posting it as soon as my sister calls and tells me he has figured it out, or if he can't figure it out (which I highly doubt) this post will show him his prize (pictured above.) Yes, we are a goofy family, but we sure do have fun, especially when we are getting back at Dad for all those ridiculous riddles he always made us try to figure out :o)

Of course, one of the most hilarious coincidences: He just posted about the Kentucky Speedway on his blog this week!


LJL said...

Wow. Finally, after all of these years of me handing out the "Big Prize" to everyone, now I get one. Actually, I never have given the Big Prize out, but my intentions were good. I had no clue about this. How cool of you guys! This will be fun.

Dani said...

Im glad thats over, got a little confusing coordinating the phone calls, emails etc.! Hope it doesnt rain on us!

dee said...

y'all ARE a little goofy, but very creative and very fun. great idea, guys!!

~~anna~~ said...

You guys are hysterical!!! I'm sure this is a Father's Day your dad won't forget!

Alanna said...

That is so cool and unique! It sure beats a tie or a shirt! :)