Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Wacko Weekend

Mom, Dani and Mary getting ready for Father's Day dinner at Dani/Mary's house. Mary, affectionately known as Whitey, will be joining us on our family vacation next week!
Although all the folks at the apartment weren't biologically family, they might as well be. Jamie and Dani are on the couch, Ally is in the chair with my brother hidden behind her. Mary is in the far chair and her brother is in the chair on the right. Brent's girl showed up a little later.
I normally claim to know this younger sister of mine, but for some reason she was acting a little goofier than normal. For some reason she decided to take this chair apart and was having a hard time getting it back together.
Jay and I got up very early (about 6 a.m.) this morning and drove over 3 hours to get to our church and then to Dani's house for lunch.
Of course, Dudley is part of the family too!!

The weekend actually started when we left straight from the jail and headed to Akron, Ohio. Jay had bought tickets for Glenn Beck's comedy act. He got up Saturday morning and went to the Insider's breakfast with Glenn. It was an informal breakfast, photo shoot and Q&A session. Only those who are "Insiders" can go. And of course, my husband is a huge fan so he is an Insider. I stayed at the hotel and worked over the phone with the jail. Unfortunately, we had 4 escape from the jail Friday night. My boss was out of town and nearly unreachable on her cell phone. When Jay woke me up at 9:15 I had 2 voicemails from the jail admin staff. I was freaking out. Called them right away and they told me about the 4 escapees. Cathy, another office gal, made it to the office and they threw me on speaker phone and I walked them through how to bring up the video footage from the dorm where they escaped. Fortunately, we got two of them back and we are working on the other two dingbats. Sigh, so much for getting to sleep in for the morning :o)

Jay and his favorite TV/Radio host, who also happens to be very hilarious. And with Jay and I being from Cincinnati, we knew that Glenn liked Graeter's Icecream. When we attended GBS, we were about 6 blocks from the Graeter's Icecream Factory. Jay told him that and Glenn was disappointed that we hadn't gotten the recipe. Righht!!! Glenn had shipped in Graeter's Icecream for all the Insiders. Jay brought my favorite back to the hotel - Black Raspberry Chip, which is Raspberry flavored icecream with chocolate chips. It's the best!! And if you go to the Icrecream parlor it is pretty expensive. Thank goodness, I am now back home and ready to face this crazy week at work.


LJL said...

That is about as much activity as one weekend can hold.

~~anna~~ said...

So, you're saying you had to come home to relax and recuperate?