Saturday, September 06, 2008

Baker - Collingsworth Concert

I decided to grab a couple friends for this pic. We all had worn black and white and there wasn't even a memo.

Dad being his usual self.

The Collingsworth originals :o)

My brother in law, Aaron, has a group called the 3rd Row Boys. They have great harmony together. Aaron put together the concert featuring the 3rd Row Boys, Hoosier Harmony (quartet) and the Collingsworth family. About 650 people showed up so it was a nice time.


Aaron said...

A little blog love! Thanks for driving all the way to Indy, great to see you guys.

LJL said...

I'm just looking at the camera. What else am I supposed to do?

Anonymous said... it in a less dorky manner next time. lol. still like the gotee tho...very nice. -brutus

Jody J said...

Great concert!