Friday, September 12, 2008

National Quartet Convention

Courtney, Kim and Phil, just before Kim took the stage to play with Dino. (If you aren't familiar with who Dino is, you can click on his name above and it will take you to his website.)

Jay, "Gumby," Brooklyn and Janet

Pretty cool setup for the piano concert

Kimberly Collingsworth

The lights changed colors quite a bit.

Goofing off

Dino checking out her technique

Kim doesn't seemed convinced.

Playing together.

Almost family, Janet and Marlin help with the product table at all the big events. They are a blast to work with and Janet is hilarious!

Mom and Kim (Mom had a good laugh when someone asked if she was Kim's mom!!!!)

Me and Mom

Me and my sister, Dani, who also happens to be their Office manager. We solds lots and lots of DVDs and CDs after Kim played the concert with Dino, but it was still fun. It was neat to meet people from all over. A lady stopped by the booth from Australia and said she had listened to Kim play on their stations over there. Amazing!


Alanna said...

Wow what a concert!! Kim and Dino - wish I could have been there! :P Cute pictures! BTW - my mom was asking about you and Jason. We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

wow! i thought YOU looked like your mom until i saw DANI'S picture just below your mom's!!

LJL said...

Cool pictures!

Regi said...

Alanna, we miss you guys also! We are going well!

Dee, yes I think Dani's smile is closer to Mom's than mine. The funny thing is, people get me and Dani messed up all the time. I don't think we look like twins but tons of folks get us messed up.