Monday, September 15, 2008


After the remains of Ike came roaring through yesterday afternoon, our electric went out. We discovered a tree limb had fallen on some wires near our house. The wind storm was amazing. No thunder, lightning or rain but huge gusts of wind. By Sunday evening over 500,000 people in the area were without power. Thankfully ours was back up only an hour or so after it went off. Downtown Newport where the Jail is, hasn't been so lucky. At about 3 p.m. yesterday the Jail switched to generator power and has been running on that since. We have been given no idea as to when the power might return. Only about a couple computers in the whole jail are set up to run on generator, I was without a computer. Even the lights in the office are dimmer than normal because of the generator. Since one of the data entry gals called off, I went back to one of the computers that are actually hooked up to the generator and helped out in the booking department. I haven't booked in an inmate for quite a while. Thankfully we weren't that busy today. When the generator kicks in all the electronic doors are locked so to go from one room to another you must have the key. Yikes! All new arrivals had to wait outside for a deputy to go out and unlock all the doors for them to get in and out. Crazy!


LJL said...

I told Ally we got hit worse from the hurricane than she did in Florida.

aunt connie said...

You probably heard that GBS is shut down and the students sent off Brandon and some friends are staying here and more at Dahlers!! I can't believe a hurricane in Cincy. HSBC has nothing on GBS!

~~anna~~ said...

Hopefully, by now everything is back to 'normal'!?!
It was kind of funny to experience a 'blackout' in Ohio, when they are almost a daily occurence here and just taken for granted pretty much. Maybe that's why they all use gas stoves, and not electric! :)

Regi said...

Hey anna! Yes the power came back on Wednesday morning...thank God! It is torture to sit at your desk and stare at a black blank screen!