Friday, September 26, 2008

A very long day...

Our alarm rang out at 2:15 a.m. Kentucky time. We both got up, finished the little things of packing, read our devotions and were in the car by 3:08 a.m. We picked up a couple from our church who agreed to drive our car back home and then pick us up next Saturday. We were at the Cincinnati airport at 4 a.m. Unfortunately, we go there so early we beat the American Airlines ticket people. We waited half an hour for them to open so we could get our boarding passes and check our luggage. We proceeded to the security checkpoint and realized they didn't open until 5 a.m. We sat and waited some more. We finally took off from Kentucky at approximately 6 a.m. We landed in Dallas-Forth Worth where we had a 4 hour layover, leaving at approximately 11:40 a.m. Then the long, long 8 hour flight to Honolulu. With the time change it makes things a little crazy. Right now it is midnight in Kentucky and here it is only 6 p.m. So we have been up for 22 hours so far :o) We are staying up a few more hours so hopefully we can sleep a good full night and get adjusted to the time change. Jay already has the restaurant picked out that he would like to go to tonight. It is right here at the resort. I will take more pics of it later.

View of the Pacific Ocean.

Our view first view of Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii!

Photos taken from the plane.

Driving towards the North Shore which is where we are staying. It looks like we are driving straight to the ocean.

I didn't know that Hawaii's license plates had rainbows on them.

The lobby

The room

The beautiful view. The door is extra wide so we can slide it open and listen to the waves. The beach is just below us and it is so pretty.


~~anna~~ said...

Looks beautiful! Being able to hear the waves from your room~~sounds delightful!
Hope you two have a wonderful, relaxing, fun-filled time!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was sooooo mature, anonymous

Regi said...

Yeah, I think I am going to delete that first comment!