Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 2 - Hawaiian Saturday

I found this picture from yesterday that I forgot to post. We are sitting on a Boeing 767. It is set up with 2 seats by the side, 3 in the middle and 2 seats. Our tickets had us sitting in the middle, but we were at the airport so early we were able to switch our seats to 2 side seats. It was great. The blue thing around my neck is a neat little pillow that made it so much easier to sleep comfortably.

This morning we took one of the trails around the beach. The resort owns about 800 acres of trails and golf courses and it neat to be able to just walk wherever you want.

There are some super expensive beach cottages along one side of the resort. I snuck a few pictures of the cottages back yards. They all have hammocks and the just walk out the back of the cottage to the beach.

I stopped along the trail and looked back for a snapshot of the resort. It is shaped in a triangle with three wings. No matter what room you get they are all ocean view because the resort sits on a peninsula.

Yes, they have a stables on the resort. We have already schedule our evening beach ride for Monday night. The horses are well cared for and they are always tied up in the shade with big barrels of water.

Dad, Jay wanted me to take this picture for you. He thought you would like this giant chess board.
View from inside the lobby. They have couches sitting here and there and one whole side of the lobby is glass. So beautiful.

One end of the lobby is open for the valet and curbside service.
My personal "chaffeur" picked me up :o)
Jay found this cute little mom and pop shop called Jameson's by the Sea. It was pretty good. We sat outside just across the street from the ocean.
Jay and I sat on this little bench and watched the waves roll it. So romantic.
I haven't gotten pictures of the pools yet, but one of them has a big slippery slide. My "little kid" of a husband wanted to slide down it so badly, so we went and turned in one of the cards to get a towel so he could slide down it a couple times. He is so hilarious but I love him to death. He is definitely my dream come true guy. Love you, Jay!


Janella Thompson said...

Well it's probably about 2 a.m there. I hope you both are having a fun time. I am sure if you didn't find a chuch to go to, you have enough of God's beautiful creation to bask in and and have no problem worshipping Him. Enjoy every bit of your time. I am so happy for you both to be able to do this. LOVE YA!!!!

LJL said...

Wow. Wht a great looking place! Checkmate!

Brenda said...

Wow - what a beautiful place!