Saturday, November 22, 2008

Busier by the week

So I have been getting busier. I think it is better that way, since there is less time to think about things. I have been working out at Curves after getting off work this week. It is a really enjoyable time since it's all women and we talk about all manner of things and before you know it your workout is over and you are still talking. I drive right past Curves twice a day so I decided to try it out and see what I think. The people have been so nice and because it's all women there is never a dull or silent moment during the workout. Then after driving the rest of the way home, I have been getting on the computer and working for Southwest for a couple hours at night. Alas, my quilting has fallen by the wayside, but hopefully today I will be able to work on it some more. I have sent pictures of my current quilt to 5 different people asking their opinions because it is not a country style quilt so I am having difficulty deciding how to go about finishing it. Hint: the fabric is cotton but there are silver and gold threads running through the material so when you look at it, it seems very shiny, kinda like satin, but if you feel it, it is soft like cotton. You will see what I mean when I show it to you.
I have managed to get two gifts for Jay so far, neither of which were on his Christmas list, which is a lot more fun for me since he will have no idea what they are. It's a good thing I thought about having it sent to the Jail instead of the house. One of the gifts they sent in the original packaging from Sears. It has the picture and all the 'selling' points right on the outside. DUH people! It's Christmas time, think about it! So I avoided a small disaster there. Christmas is fun because Jay is such a kid at heart. He gets excited about opening gifts. I guess anymore, I am just an old crab. I really don't get excited like I used to. Perhaps somewhere down the road when we have kids it will be more exciting.
As I write, my very first turkey is in the oven. I got a 12.5 pound turkey for $7.87 which I thought was a very good deal. I followed the directions on the package and it is now tanning quite nicely. No, I didn't stuff it :o)
Today I received part of my birthday gift. We have been talking about getting a couch for our family room. I really wanted a dark brown leather couch. Our other couch is suede or pseudo-suede and I knew I didn't want another one just like that. Although I do love that couch and it cleans very well, I just wanted something different. Garden Ridge had one that I really loved, but we don't have a truck and they do not deliver so I had no way to get it down here. Garden Ridge is about an hour from our house. Today my honey borrowed a truck and went and got it himself. It was on sale for $200 off the regular price and I am so happy we were able to get it. Here is my hubby. We had trouble getting it through the front door so he took the door off.
A boy from our church helped Jay get the couch out of the truck and then assisted us in getting it into the house. Thanks Bobby!
My hand was pinched when were taking off the door. It was the skin between my index finger and my thumb that got stuck. It didn't feel too good.
Sitting on our new leather couch!!! (As you can tell by the walls, I have yet to start painting the family room. Whomever lived here before us, apparently didn't want to move objects in the room, so they simply painted around them. Sounds like something I would do :o)
Yes, that is a spool of thread sitting on the recliner's arm. I have been working on the applique part of my quilt, which I do not enjoy, but eventually it will be done and I will get to work on the rest of the quilt.


LJL said...

Cwite a cool couple on the comfy couch.

Tim and Kristina said...

Love the couch. I use to go to Curves, but the one by our house closed. I loved going there to work out, very easy and didn't take much time and it worked!!

Jonathan and Sommer said...

Congratulations on your first turkey!! Your cousin Janella left a really great recipe on my blog last week for some of the turkey leftovers we had left last weekend. I made it with lowfat soups and fat free cheese and it was still fabulous. Deliscious and super easy. Check it out!!

Regi said...

You might notice Kris didn't say anything about my turkey. I think it's because I could burn water in college, so until she actually sees the turkey she won't believe it :o) just kiddin'

Thanks Sommer!

Natalie said...

Yay! You finally got your couch you wanted so bad! It's pretty!

Janella Thompson said...

Very nice couch! OUCH on the hand. ANd YUMMY on the turkey..they sound frightening...but really are not that hard to do. I am so sad I won't see you at thanksgiving but Christmas is but 6 weeks away so we will see you then.