Monday, November 03, 2008

The Perfect Man for Me

Many of you know that I work full time about an hour away from our home. This 2 hour daily round trip can get very tiring for me, but God has certainly blessed me with Jasper, a 1998 Ford Escort with 154k+ miles. I bought it in 2005 for $1900 and to date, I have only put brakes, tires, a muffler thingie and routine maintenance into the car. Granted, it has more dents, dings and rust than most demolition derby cars but it gets me where I need to go. That little background brings me to tonight's topic.

While I am driving Jasper to/from work and working away during the day, my hubby is back in our little town, running around visiting church folks, organizing ministries, grocery shopping, driving county school buses on a part time basis, preparing for Sunday morning's message, going over his notes for the Wednesday night Apologetic study (very interesting!), creating a children's sermon to give to the kids on Sunday morning, trying to get a hot water heater installed in the church (don't ask!), fixing a hole in our kitchen wall from the plumbing incident, buying cranberry apple juice for me, practicing for his special song on Sunday, typing up the bulletin, choosing the songs for worship and making sure the musicians (me and the piano player) have copies, buying the milk and breakfast items for the sunday school goers, and on and on the list goes - but those are just his 'ministry' duties.

When I arrived home tonight, I was tired, had a tummy ache (surprise, surprise), and was just downright feeling blah. I walked into the kitchen and I realized God has blessed me with the most wonderful, caring man. Ribs were boiling in a large pot, and real potatoes were in the crockpot waiting to be mashed. Not only does he help out with the cooking, he helps with the laundry, empties the dishwasher when I start it on my way out the door, gets me juice when I decide right before bedtime that I am thirsty and I don't feel like going downstairs to get it, and rubs my back and feet as if it is his privilege to care for me. The list definitely does not stop there, but I think you get the idea. Thank you God for the perfect man for me!
This is Jay in his Halloween costume. I will post more pics of the Chili supper at church where we all dressed up, but I thought I would include this one in this particular post.


Big A said...

Those Baker boys are the salt of the earth!!!

Anonymous said...

He is ALWAYS doing nice things for you, you are very blessed!!
And I spent an hour reading your blog!!!! So...I may be late tomorrow

Tim and Kristina said...

That is the best kind of hubby to have!!

Regi said...

After a day like today, I am well aware of how much I need my hubby!