Sunday, February 08, 2009

For the dog...?

Jay, the dog hater, feeding Bullwinkle sour cream on a spoon. This was not approved by me, but it was too late by the time I turned around. I am thinking maybe Jay is not such a dog hater as he once was.

Sitting on the porch in the sunshine!

This picture doesn't show the mud very well since it is sitting in the bright sunshine but you can see it gooped under the wheel well. This morning, Jay and I with both our cars and another lady, made the trek up the muddy road to pick up 14 kids! The car is an absolute disaster, even though the kids did well by trying to keep their muddy shoes on the floor.

Bullwinkle and a new friend.

Last Sunday night was Super Bowl night as we all know. However, in an effort to keep people interested in church over the Super Bowl, we invited one of the missionaries we support to our church. He and his family are in medical work in China. Due to the severe persecution, you can't even find his family photos on the Wesleyan missions website. He answered many questions about his 'medical' work and what all things they can do for the Christians there. It was the highest attendance we have had in a long time on a Sunday night. These guys below had wanted to stay home and watch the game. Jay told them if they made the effort and came to church to hear the missionary, he would personally take them to our house to watch the game which we had recorded. They came to church :o)

This morning we had nearly 50 in our morning worship service which is such a blessing. Jay works hard by going out and calling nearly every Saturday.


LJL said...

50 in church! Wow! That is good.
Sour cream?! Maybe not so good. lol Jason will be a good dog person before you know it.

~~anna~~ said...

Your dog likes sour cream? that's so cute!
Tell Jason to include the baked potato, chives and bacon bits next time! ~ha!

Janella Thompson said...

That is awsome that you had 50 in church!!!!! And great incentive to get the kids to church. DVR is a great thing. It allowed them to be in church and then ya'll to spend some extra time with them too.