Sunday, May 03, 2009

Baptism Sunday

The not-so-clean green and brown water. Jay tried to get it cleaned out and even ran water through it and everything. The heater doesn't work so the water was Frigid!
Here are the three of us. Bradley was saved in January and we are so happy at how he is growing as a Christian. Jamie and I were having a tough time with our hair :o) I tried to have someone video the baptism, but my mistake was giving it to a teenager and she filmed Jay's torso (no head) and you can tell he is dunking someone, but that person is off the screen. Sigh! Oh well!


LJL said...

A little cold water is OK for you. I got it in a dirty farm pond. LOL. I just scrolled down to get ready to submit. The letters I have to type to get in to submit are 'duckingn'.