Friday, July 03, 2009

VBS Explosion

By explosion I mean, we were shocked by the number of people who showed up for the last night of VBS. The kids got extra points for their side if they brought adults along with them. 141 people showed up for the program and the cookout!! Shoo!! God is good to us. We had enough food to go around thank goodness.

A real Goliath for the Bible story. My father in law on stilts.

As you can see, pretty full house!

Jay told the kids if they could get more than 103 people he would let them get him with water balloons. Needless to say he was soaked!


Tim and Kristina said...

WOW!! That is brought tears to my eyes to see how God is working through you guys! You are doing an great job!

Regi said...

Thanks Kris! Jay is working very hard to get these kids and God is blessing his efforts. He is great with them and they really seem to love him.

LJL said...

Great-looking full house. Did Goliath have to fall down?