Wednesday, September 30, 2009


You are my best friend. Today you reminded me of the times in our first apartment. We used to drag the mattress off of our bed and into the living room, and squeeze it in front of the TV so we could be comfy while we watched movies late (or early?) into the night. More than once, homemade peanutbutter popcorn accompanied these late night movies.
Without you, I would not have ventured to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Ireland or London. I trust you with all the details and you never disappoint. Now when I go places by myself, I miss you -- to carry my luggage, drive the car or whatever. You're the best travelin' buddy around.
You have a heart for kids. Remember when we were dating? I remember thinking and eventually telling you "I want our son to be like you." That is still true today!
I remember our first year together when we reflected back. What about now? Did we even have an argument or serious 'discussion' in these three years? Neither of us can really recall arguing on anything of real importance. Even when we argue, which is really rare for us, we usually end up laughing at how silly we are.
You are my sidekick, my better half. The guy I can tell anything to. The one that gives hugs because you know I like them.
You're mine! God seemed to have handpicked you for me and I am so glad you chose me too!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Are you trying to describe ME?!!!!!! Thanks! Jason

Aunt Connie said...

Happy Anniversary to a very special couple!!

~~anna~~ said...

Beautiful! May the LORD grant you many, many more years together....

Tim and Kristina said...

Finally my computer is working again! Hope your anniversary was wonderful!! I'm sure "little baker" made it more wonderful!! Love ya!

LJL said...

Do you really like him??