Sunday, January 24, 2010


So...i was left with these pieces from my quilt. I was sure I was going to use them...just wasn't sure how. Duh - look at the quilt book. They had a pattern in there to utilize the left over pieces. So now I have a wallhanging sized quilt.

No idea what to do with it, but I will probably quilt the wide tan fabrics with a 'heavy' pattern and let them colored strips stand out. Other than that? I don't have any place in my house for it.


Anonymous said...

Is it big enough for a baby quilt? I can't imagine why any new mom wouldn't love to receive it as a gift. It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Would it look good to make a pillow sham or two to go with your previous quilt? If they match all right, that might work.

Regi said...

Yes i suppose it would be about a crib size. Just not sure the colors are conducive to a nursery?