Thursday, August 05, 2010

New friends?

When I miscarried our first baby in November 2008, Jay agreed to my long-time request for a dog. I didn't want a puppy because I didn't want the work of training one. So I found Bullwinkle on Craigslist from someone who had become allergic. I loved the picture of him instantly and quickly sent off a message. Jay was less than thrilled with his looks and especially didn't like his long hair. I insisted long hair wasn't a problem as long as he didn't shed which she promised me he wouldn't. We got him in January 2009. I promised Jay (who was still reluctant) that once we had a baby we could get rid of him. Rylee arrived and guess who didn't want to get rid of the dog? Yep, Mr Dog Hater himself. We let Jay's parents have him for a while, but just recently I decided I don't want to let him go. He is very well behaved, loves people, has never bitten or snapped at anyone AND I think Rylee is getting attached :)


Leah said...

This pic is SO cute :-)

Carrie said...

That is adorable!