Sunday, March 11, 2012

13.1 I crazy?

Well to those faithful 5 followers of this blog, thank you! :) May 5 is the BIG day. I have been practicing since January to run the 13.1 mini-marathon in Indianapolis. I am slowly getting better at running for longer periods of time. By running, I really mean jogging at a steady pace so that i don't get so out of breath that i can't continue. Last night I jogged for 2.25 miles without stopping. This is a big deal for me since I don't really enjoy jogging. You ask..then why in the world are you doing a half marathon?

Jay and I were trying to come up with things to do together. Jay has been running half marathons for the last couple years with his dad. However, his dad is not running this year so I thought I would give it a go. Yeah I know. I am crazy. There is a 4 hour time limit on the half marathon and i figured even if i had to walk the whole thing (which i won't) i could get it done in 4 hours. I only had one stipulation for Jay - I would only do this with him if he promised to stay with me. He can do the half marathon in about 2 hours and 18 minutes (last year's time) so i know he will be sacrificing to stay with me while i tread along, BUT i will be sacrificing more by jogging a half marathon when I don't even enjoy jogging. Oh and did I mention, there are 35,000 people in this mini-marathon? So he really has to stay close so we don't lose each other :)


Beth said...

have fun!!!

It was nice seeing you Saturday. Your kids are getting so big!

Jenny said...

Yes, yes you are crazy! ;)

Sarah Wells said...

I want to do that one next year! :) Happy running!!!