Friday, April 13, 2007

Dani's Big Idea

Well, thanks to my sister, Dani, I am totally exhaustified! She (and her roommate, Mary) thought up this great idea to babysit any (and all) kids from the church tonight so that their parents could go on a date and not have to worry about their kids. All was fine and dandy in their small apartment until about 6 p.m. when the kiddos starting rolling in. We ended up with 15 kids!!!! It was me, Mary and Dani to do crowd control for 4 hours. I did talk Jason into stopping by for a few minutes of relief.

To be honest, I am by no means a "kid" person. Kids don't usually like me and I am just not that great with them, but I got to have the littler kids (2 years and younger) and that was fun. This weekend I head up to Indianapolis for Saturday and Sunday to spend time with family.

Blowing bubbles on the patio!

How cute!

Dani and I with our hands full!

Jay helping out.

Mary and baby Olivia!


Beth Dickinson said...

You better get use to it!!!!
You will be good with kids I'm sure.
They are a blast just make sure you are ready before you have them.

Linda said...

Well, for not being a kid person, thanks for helping out.

You all are wonderful, Thank you for doing it!!!

Nancy said...

I was hoping to see pictures of the rowdy young uns! You all did a FANTASTIC job....thank you so much. What you all did was every bit as much "ministry" as singing a special or teaching a Sunday School Class. It was such a blessing to us...child care gets pricey for three!!! Thanks again and I hope God blesses all of you and helps your nerves and ears(and apartment) to heal! lol!

PS The kids had a blast. They talked non-stop all the way home. And I hear that Jason was just SO funny!

Regi said...

We did have fun and we are glad the kids seemed to really like it. I thought we would have a good turn out, but Dani wasn't so sure.
All the kids got along so well so that really helped out. Even the babies were good. My least favorite part was diaper patrol. Mary (the brave soul) actually did the dirty work and I handed her the next in line. Besides a couple slight gags on my part, I made it through all right.. Yuck!

Patty said...

I don't know what the problem, is I had a blast last night lol:) That was really a special treat to be able to have a date with my husband. I love my kids, but you don't get alot of adult conversation with 5 kids around the table.
The kids had alot of fun. I hope they were not to wild for you.

Thanks so much. You guys are great.

Dad said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, nice dad, Regi.
Uncle Merrill

~d said...

i wish i had wonderful women like you to volunteer to watch our 4 kids when they were young. we really had to save up for a date so we could afford the sitter!

no doubt you were a huge blessing to those parents!