Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More fun pictures...

I was so excited to get one of my big photos framed tonight!!! The 11x14 that I was able to get with my wedding pictures was so pretty I wanted to get it framed. I took it to Hobby Lobby where they had all their frames 50%. They even matted it for me. I insisted on the brightest white mat they could find. I thought they did an excellent job. Across from where this photo now hangs is the signature mat and picture that was at the reception. I love reading the little phrases and the signatures from those who attended the reception. Thanks to Brenda for the wonderful idea!

Oh and these are my $.77 tiki torches that I bought at Old Time Pottery while I was there in search of smaller black picture frames. There are actually 7 of them but I couldn't fit them all in this photo!


Monte & Amy said...

I love your wedding picture, you know I don't have any of mine up ;( I never got any big ones developed hmm what is wrong with me lol. Talk to you later
love Amy

Brenda said...

Awesome, Regi!! The photos look so good in those frames.

Laura said...

I just recently found out that you and Jason were married. Congratulations! I enjoy your blog.