Saturday, July 07, 2007

John and Sommer

Today was my cousin's wedding. Jon and Sommer were married in Laura, Ohio in an outdoor wedding. The reception included a pig roast so this was a true country wedding.

This outdoor wedding was in a old park. These were the bathrooms. When my poor unsuspecting Dad felt the call of nature and attempted to use the "facilities," Jay and another cousin, Steve, gave him quite a surprise by pounding on the outer walls of the old "gotta go" house. Poor Dad! Of course, I was laughing so hard I couldn't hold my camera still and cut off the picture of the guys running away, but it was definitely worth it. (And these are in consecutive order so the last one is poor Dad trying to figure out what happened!)

And no...that isn't my brother...however that is my brother's girlfriend, Holley, in the red, I am just not too sure who the guy is...really...I don't know him.


Dad said...

I say there is enough evidence to support an indictment against the two gentlemen seen running away from the crime scene. Let's start the court proceedings immediately. I wil have nightmares when trying to use porta-potties from now on. That was one fine roasted pig.