Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't forget.....

......scrapbooking is next Tuesday night. Bring all your stuff and your friends. Also, if you want to come before 6 you can. I will probably go over straight from work.

Yesterday was pretty busy. It was Jay's first day on the job at the YMCA. It will be challenging but I think he will enjoy it. He gets to be with kids a lot. I believe his position is called a tutoring coordinator. He will working with Cincinnati Public Schools trying to get kids into a tutoring program. I met him at home and we drove up to Olive Garden around the Beechmont area. Then we headed to church where Jay was in charge because the pastor is on vacation with his wife this week. I thought he did a good job. He talked about "Praising God for WHO He is." After the service, Jason and I practiced for our song on Sunday morning. We are by no means singers but we are trying to help out.

After practicing, we headed downtown to the ball park where we caught the last few innings of the game. My boss gave me his tickets as he was in a luxury box last night. They had "Dog Night." A whole section was just for dog owners and their dogs. It was a little weird but some of the dogs were cute.


~~anna~~ said...

Boy you do keep busy! But it always sounds from your posts like you are having so much fun and really enjoying each other...that's delightful to see!
Now, why in the world would they have dogs at the baseball game? Makes no sense to me...sure hope they didn't all start to bark at the same time :)

Regi said...

I have no clue what was up with the dogs.